the day like other day

Humans will call this such day a so-so day. but! it’s not like nothing happened. I exersise today, which is great. I’m gonna do some laundry too, and i went to library and study and afterward I’m going to do homework.

So after all this is a good day. I shall make such day a typical day for me, thus the other days will be like to-day. hehee

I’d be exercising everyday till 7th February 2010!

I’m just back from having my dinner in restaurant nearby my house, HSBC.
Today I went to work and it was quite a day.
err. Did I said before that my sister already have a boyfriend?
and she never appears online in the msn list anymore.
I promised myself to call mother tomorrow.
I am on my 2 months-plan of tight budgeting, and let’s see how it’s going to be
Somehow deep in my heart I’m happy to those person who are seems distant since they found their other half
although I kind of, just kind of, looked lonely
and I find out myself
loneliness is not that bad
or to be exactly, I don’t feel lonely
I am just merely alone
I befriend myself
We plan the future and goals together
it turned out to be fun. hehe.

gee, where are you, where are you, other half?

I remember a good quote whenever I think of that person.

“Someday your prince charming will come. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost, and is too stubborn to ask for directions.”
– Unknown

like, seriously.

It’s Sunday 6th December. Today, i went to church and then watched movie in Tropicana city.
the movie of Ninja stuff was quite nice and so was the day at the church
Tomorrow I am going to start my part-time job again. I’m some kind of excited for tomorrow 🙂

Wisdom of the day:
1. Putting confidence in even the little thing you do, is important.
2. Respect movie stars. Seriously, how much workout they’ve done to get such 0% fat toned body?
3. Do you know the power of Now. Don’t understand what it is, do things you have procrastinated your whole life from Now, and do e-mail me the wonder.
4. Yunnan baiyao is good. Do remember to take some when the bloods are, well, stuck in their flow
5. It tooks 21 days to get something into a habit, They said so.

ah, that’s all. should clean the mess around me, Now.

and then have a very good night, myself.